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Busch exhaust filters
[ ] are extremely helpful filter programs, which had been created specially for the separation of the oil mist from the exhaust air for oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps. Busch vacuum pumps and Busch genuine spare parts are thus the perfect combination for 真空阀 the most effective attainable oil separation.
Optimum selection effectiveness by exceptional tuning. As a result drastically minimizing the quantity of oil remaining in the exhausted air, which signifies a cleaner doing work surroundings.
Lessened power enter of the motor by smaller sized filter resistance hence cost preserving.
High chemical stability in relation to most chemical compounds (solvent, gasoline, acids, caustic answer, etc.). For that reason acceptable for pretty much all apps.
Regular version Busch exhaust filters are usually the ideal option for all industrial applications. Other exhaust filters are available in addition to these, they ended up designed specially for pumping oxygen and combustible gases. These exhaust filters are ATEX accredited and are therefore for use in pumping gases with enriched oxygen content.
Busch exhaust filters are identified by the lateral symbol print and by the solid in brand on the front of the go over. There is also a batch and tracking quantity, that permits monitoring down of the creation course of action. This provides you the certainty to have acquired a legitimate Busch exhaust filter[ ], which assures the doing work reliability and the highest operating time of your vacuum pump.
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