Charlie Teo apos;s Daughter To Stand Trial On Dangerous Driving Charges

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The young daughter of prominent neurosurgeon Charlie Teo has faced court on dangerous driving charges over a crash involving a former bikie boss. 
Nicola Teo, 24, on Friday pleaded not guilty to dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm when she faced Penrith District Court.
Police allege she was driving on the wrong side of the road for up to 200 metres when the crash happened at Lower Macdonald, two hours north of Sydney, on September 25 last year.
Former Comancheros boss Jock Ross was airlifted to Westmead Hospital in a critical condition when his motorcycle collided head on with Teo's Toyota Landcruiser.
Teo is facing a maximum jail term of seven years and has also been charged with negligent driving, not keeping left of a dividing line and not giving details to police.  
Prominent neurosurgeon Charlie Teo (left) and his daughter Nicole (right). The 24-year-old allegedly crashed into a Harley Davidson rider in Lower MacDonald, two hours north west of Sydney, on September 25, 2019
The rider was former Comanchero boss William George 'Jock' Ross, (pictured) 76, who was flown to Westmead hospital with critical leg and internal injuries from the crash. 
Teo was driving her Toyota Land Cruiser when the crash allegedly happened but is now banned from driving a motor vehicle while she is on bail. 
Appearing in court via video link from her lawyer's office, Teo pleaded not guilty to dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm. 
There is a 'likelihood' Teo will be jailed if she is convicted, according to court documents obtained by the Daily Telegraph. 
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The Crown Prosecutor expected Teo's trial to take seven days while her defence solicitor Darren Emery estimated it would take longer. 
'Realistically, there is no way this trial will run for less than 10 days,' Mr Emery said. 
Judge Jennifer English encouraged the defence to set a trial date sooner but Mr Emery wanted extra time to gather reports. 
Teo will be excused from attending her case when her trial date is set in Sydney District Court in August. 
Teo with her two pet dogs. She pleaded not guilty to dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm at Penrith District Court on Friday
Charlie Teo and Nicole on the Brooklyn Bridge during a trip to New York City. The daughter's trial date will be set at Sydney District Court in August
Miss Teo attended the $25,000-a-year St Catherine's School for Girls and now owns a dog-walking business called East Side Dogs AU.
Daily Mail Australia understands she often takes the animals to the Hawkesbury for walks. 
Pictures on her Instagram page show her posing with dogs alongside her cream 70-series Toyota LandCruiser ute.
After the crash, Miss Teo's business posted to Instagram saying: 'Hi all, sorry we are running a bit behind schedule. 
'Please let me know if you need your pup at home at a certain time.'
Charlie Teo is one of Australia's best neurosurgeons who has made headlines for prolonging the lives of cancer-suffering children - although his high private fees have caused controversy.
Speaking about his children in an interview last year, Dr Teo said: 'My daughters have shown me how to be less selfish and self-centred.
'They have an emotional intelligence that I didn't develop at their age; some would say I still haven't. Women and girls mature decades before men do.' 
Ross, a Glasgow-born former soldier, founded the Comancheros on the New South Wales Central Coast with four other motorcycle enthusiasts on April 15, 1966. 
Comanchero bikie gang founder Jock Ross (pictured) was left fighting for life after the crash
Styled as the gang's 'supreme commander', he led them into the 1984 Milperra Massacre, in which four of his men as well as two Bandidos and a 14-year-old girl died.
He took a gunshot to the head which gave him vision loss and a brain injury - but he survived.
Ross was jailed for murder in 1987 over his role instigating the massacre. He was released in 1992 after serving just five years.    
Following the Milperra Massacre, Ross, who lives in Lower Macdonald, had maintained nominal control of the Comanchero for almost 20 years until a new breed of bikie arrived.
Rapid recruitment of Middle Eastern members in the late 1990s was splitting the gang.
Ross was spending much of his time in retirement on the Central Coast near Mangrove Mountain when a group of the new brigade, including Mahmoud 'Mick' Hawi, who was shot dead last year, drove up to visit about 2002.
Bikies at the scene of the Milperra Massacre outside the Viking Tavern on Father's Day 1984
According to former detective Duncan McNab's book Outlaw Bikers in Australia, the visitors were concerned about the gang's leadership and told Ross they wanted to chat.
The new members of the Comanchero, young and fearless, respected only money and power and had no time for how the old guard - including their club's founding father - wanted things run.
'Ross was unsuspecting and outnumbered and the discussion was quick and violent,' McNab wrote. 'The Comancheros, led by Mick Hawi, delivered a comprehensive beating to the much older leader.
'They left him battered and took both his club colours and his Harley-Davidson. It was the outlaw equivalent of spitting in Jock's face.'
Ross was about 60. Hawi was barely 21. Within a year Hawi was national president and Ross's leadership was done.
Since he was ousted, Ross, a grandfather of 12, has been captain of his local Rural Fire Service.  


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